Relate - Design and develop at the same time

Design & develop
at the same time

Relate is a visual development environment for fast, live collaboration. It outputs beautiful, semantic code and delivers a single source of truth for you and your team.

Wasting time trying to make
a broken process work?

Relate connects you
directly with the medium

Manipulate and test the actual thing,
together in real time, visually and in-context.

Your design is
a living system of components

Powered by real code

Coming soon

Design + React. 10x faster
and infinitely more efficient

Define the real logic behind your interface. Manage everything visually, consistently and systematically. Not using React? No problem, we'll support the other frameworks too.

Coming soon

Continuous Design Delivery

Relate outputs legible presentational code that you can sync to a codebase and share one source of truth with your production environment.

We believe in
Open Design

Build production-ready component libraries and share with your team or the entire world